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The Lightning Lowdown

Home: wherever in the world I'm truly and deeply connected with heart: to myself, others, purpose & my environment.

Scot born in Africa; cultivating a love of adventure, travel and meeting new people of ALL ages & stages.

Guiding principles:

  • health is wealth.

  • challenge is imperative for fulfilment & development.

  • service lends purpose, meaning, learning and fun-fuelling growth to life - provided you also make the time to nurture yourself.

  • leadership is role modelling your vision consistently, challengingly, courageously, conscientiously and caringly; no matter your level, the obstacles, or who's watching.

  • one person's care & encouragement can transform the course of a life.

Ways I find delight in life:

  • feeling the sun on my face

  • transforming the old, jaded, dump-worthy into eye-candy

  • entertaining - creating joy for others rocks!

  • jumping on the bed (don't tell!)

  • dancing like I 'feel' it

  • sporting hats galore

  • breathing deeply (I know, handy!)

  • friendship that encourages me to be me - wow!

Green Paint Stroke
Green Paint Stroke
Green Paint Stroke
Green Paint Stroke
Red Scribble
Green Paint Stroke

Red thread mission: to keep learning & growing.

And encouraging, teaching, training, leading, motivating & inspiring others to light up their lives too; by realising their full potential, in every way, every day.

Green Paint Stroke

Surprising but true:

  • This 'Duracell Bunny' is still honing the 'skill' of sitting down!

  • People have on occasion asked whether no desire ever exists to wear normal clothes...
    To which a bemused Kit responds: 'Pardon?'

  • Lineage to Disney's Lightning McQueen remains to be confirmed (perhaps they've heard I've never watched Cars, 1, 3 or 67, and ain't got no TV) but never say never...

You're sure you want more?!

Well... I could tell you LOTS more, so many random stories to tell!
But it's probably easier if you connect with me on Instagram, so you can consume those at your leisure when they pop up from time to time.

So, what to tell?

Perhaps that I feel like I’m launching out again.

Like I’m back at the start, learning and growing and developing, and actually while this can be daunting on some days, it’s also how I love it. The thought of there being more to learn, about soooo much more, the opportunity to become better and better at whatever I put my mind to and my heart into is exciting!

In my time so far, I’ve gained & given oodles as a Leader, Educator, Manager & Communications Specialist – so I could focus on these and rabbit on about what I've enjoyed and learned from them each, in totally different ways and in totally different places, in the UK and on the continent, public and private sector, education and corporate world.

But actually that might be the quickest way to send you to sleep, don't you think?
'Cos really, what I’ve come to realise is that I focused on what I did for far too long.

Now, don’t get me wrong, doing is VERY important.

For some people that’s what they need to learn.

Me? I was made to do: I’m a doer, an adrenaline junkie and an A-type Achiever. In the past it's how I was always recognised and rewarded. But sadly that can often leave us feeling unseen and never good enough, because we need to keep striving to keep our place, up the ante, gain the 'accolades'.

So, after many years of inner work and reflecting (my brain rarely switches off!) it’s not my socially accepted achievements I want to share (and yes there have been ‘failures’ too) but rather who I am - yes, the scary part. 


So? So, I've never fitted the mould, embraced the status quo, or been told I'm 'normal' and I don't intend to start now! You may know this feeling well too?

In short, I’m all about the heart:

- about connecting with those around me, 3 or 93 years old, and making their day and ultimately their life brighter.
- about helping adventurers, athletes and achievers like you unlock your own unique extraordinary thanks to a little bit of connection-concoction magic!


Connecting and concocting are where the delight lie for me.

Personally, I’m learning to connect with being and delighting, not just doing and striving.

It's an exciting ride.


And, given all I’ve learned personally, I’m excited to help you fast track forward, with real self awareness and a sense of grounded wellbeing, energy-fuelled purpose and life-sparking delight.

If I can do it you most definitely can too.

The Long Way Round

Green Paint Stroke