Connect with Purpose

Purpose can be described in many ways, perhaps most simply as a goal.

But purpose can be elusive, can't it? Sometimes it's like the goalposts have moved and we have no idea where to aim any more.


Or, we realise that we've been hammering away at the same old goal for months or decades and it no longer has any meaning for us.

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Image by Fallon Michael

Not the same purpose for ever

Lots of people avoid using the word purpose because they think it means they have to have one BIG goal in mind for the rest of their lives, or an all-encompassing vocation.



Purpose to propel

One of the joys of life is that it is a fluid, progressive state.


Or that's how it's designed to be.

So, as humans if we stay standing and static - same old, same old -  we feel not just stale, but mouldy, lifeless and joyless...

Image by Brian Tafel
Image by Austin Chan

Purpose energises

However, introduce real, heart-pumping, dream-fuelling, foot-tapping purpose and suddenly everything changes.


The presence of purpose in our lives energises, and energy is a life force worth its weight in gold.


Having an occupation (something that occupies a large percentage of our time, whether paid or unpaid) is essential for us to thrive as humans. Boredom breeds apathy, retreat from the world or a feeling that we are somehow worthless and do not matter.

To be gainfully employed there are 3 things I help my clients focus on: 

- Fulfilment: ultimately it's important that you enjoy what you do. To do this it's essential that we work out who you really are and where your innate strengths, interests and future goals lie.

- Development: staying still is life-sapping. A job that doesn't allow you to progress meaningfully is a job that drains.

- Challenge: maybe you're a leader in your field, maybe you can do your job standing on your head. If so, let me ask you this, do you feel challenged? When was the last time you did? Do you jump out of bed excited to get on with the day's tasks? 

If not, time to power up and realign. 

Get in touch!


It's a key life skill and one at the bedrock of any connection worth cultivating.

With a background as a Communications Specialist I get a thrill out of seeing clients unlock their inner selves by learning some key tips and tricks, or some completely new skills. While I take a back-to-basics approach I'm also a believer in the practical and in momentum - energy always.

- English Excellence: while they may not seem like they feature prominently; good grammar, a wide, rich vocabulary and the ability to articulate your thoughts easily and clearly are factors which often determine how far ahead you'll get in your chosen profession. They're not the preserve of the educated. You just need to want to learn, no matter your age, past experience or achievements already.

- Presentation skills: for me this goes hand in hand with confidence, self awareness and belief and I honestly feel great joy every time I see a client master their fear of speaking in public and, true story, even start to enjoy!

- Foreign language acquisition: knowing another language is not a sign of intellectual prowess. It is, however, a sign that you're interested in engaging with the world around you. I'm a fan of fast-track, well anything, so if the idea of adding another string to your bow rocks your boat, holler!


What a loaded word!

Often it can seem like everyone aspires to or is pushed to be a leader these days.

If you are a leader and want to improve, or you aspire to be a great one, below are the areas I focus on to help you achieve this:

There are few people who affect our lives as much as those who lead and manage (beware, I consider these to be two very different roles!). Unfortunately often we talk about them because of all the negative ways in which they impact our lives. 
I want to help drive up the standard of leadership, no matter where you work or volunteer, through the following:

- Authenticity: be the real you, consistently, fairly and transparently

- Enlivening accountability: Hold yourself and your staff / followers accountable, in a way that is light and freeing and sees you role modelling what you expect.

- Meetings that make a positive difference: let's be honest, most meetings are a waste of time.

Why? From my experience because:
- there's actually no real purpose for the meeting
- those in attendance are uninformed or not authorised to make decisions at that particular point in time
- there's a total lack of organisation and time management 

Meetings have the power to enliven and propel our institutions and businesses, just as they can fill us with dread before and dismay during and after. 

Fancy creating a different meeting narrative?

Me too. I've already helped changed many people's view of what a positive experience a meeting can be. (Finishing ahead of time, having covered everything and allowed everyone to engage fully and equally being two facilitating factors!) Let me help you change others' opinions too.

Education & Learning

Learning is one of life's adventures. So often, however, we muddy the waters and turn it into a dreary, monotonous affair.

As a trainer and educator with a wealth of experience in different contexts I bring a passion that lights up learning, whether in a school or corporate context.

If you could use my energetic expertise to liven up a session for your team, do get in touch:

- Energising CPD
For so many this is a meaningless tick-box exercise.
This needs to change.
We only get one life, so let's make each activity and each year of professional development count.

- Energising Educators

Teachers, at all levels, provide an amazing service to society.
One which they might not always feel is recognised.
t can be tiring and sometimes disheartening, either because of behaviour, rules and regulations or the admin that pours on down from above. 

Reasons that many of our best leave the profession to seek other avenues.

We need to stem the flow and look after them. And to that end I'm here to provide encouragement and ideas.