What a loaded word!

Often it can seem like everyone aspires to or is pushed to be a leader these days.

If you are a leader and want to improve, or you aspire to be a great one, below are the areas I focus on to help you achieve this:

There are few people who affect our lives as much as those who lead and manage (beware, I consider these to be two very different roles!). Unfortunately often we talk about them because of all the negative ways in which they impact our lives. 
I want to help drive up the standard of leadership, no matter where you work or volunteer, through the following:

- Authenticity: be the real you, consistently, fairly and transparently

- Enlivening accountability: Hold yourself and your staff / followers accountable, in a way that is light and freeing and sees you role modelling what you expect.

- Meetings that make a positive difference: let's be honest, most meetings are a waste of time.

Why? From my experience because:
- there's actually no real purpose for the meeting
- those in attendance are uninformed or not authorised to make decisions at that particular point in time
- there's a total lack of organisation and time management 

Meetings have the power to enliven and propel our institutions and businesses, just as they can fill us with dread before and dismay during and after. 

Fancy creating a different meeting narrative?

Me too. I've already helped changed many people's view of what a positive experience a meeting can be. (Finishing ahead of time, having covered everything and allowed everyone to engage fully and equally being two facilitating factors!) Let me help you change others' opinions too.