Happy Boy


Image by Alice Dietrich

When I was a kid I was led to believe that I had missed out on the creative gene completely. Which is interesting, as from a very early age I was concocting all kinds of baked delights in the kitchen for hours on end (and yes I did wash the dishes – that was the one prerequisite. Make anything you want but wash all the dishes afterwards!) and wearing all sorts of interesting attire...

Which just goes to show that creativity is often viewed through a very narrow lens: as being solely the preserve of artists and people who go on to earn their money directly from the arts.

How sad! This means that, like me until some years ago, you too may be walking around thinking that you are actually not at all creative.

So here’s a thought I’d like to share: creativity is an innate skill that everybody has and has the ability to cultivate. It’s also a transferable skill.

So, not only do I aspire to coach those who don’t think they are creative to locate and connect with this creativity in themselves (focusing with one area they wish to excel in to start off with), but I’m also passionate about helping people dubbed creatives see their creativity as a fabulously transferable skill which can help them build belief and convey confidence in areas with which they struggle; be that selling their wares or connecting socially or romantically.

Creativity: connect, concoct and celebrate the wonderful being you are!