Education & Learning

Learning is one of life's adventures. So often, however, we muddy the waters and turn it into a dreary, monotonous affair.

As a trainer and educator with a wealth of experience in different contexts I bring a passion that lights up learning, whether in a school or corporate context.

If you could use my energetic expertise to liven up a session for your team, do get in touch:

- Energising CPD
For so many this is a meaningless tick-box exercise.
This needs to change.
We only get one life, so let's make each activity and each year of professional development count.

- Energising Educators

Teachers, at all levels, provide an amazing service to society.
One which they might not always feel is recognised.
t can be tiring and sometimes disheartening, either because of behaviour, rules and regulations or the admin that pours on down from above. 

Reasons that many of our best leave the profession to seek other avenues.

We need to stem the flow and look after them. And to that end I'm here to provide encouragement and ideas.