It's a key life skill and one at the bedrock of any connection worth cultivating.

With a background as a Communications Specialist I get a thrill out of seeing clients unlock their inner selves by learning some key tips and tricks, or some completely new skills. While I take a back-to-basics approach I'm also a believer in the practical and in momentum - energy always.

- English Excellence: while they may not seem like they feature prominently; good grammar, a wide, rich vocabulary and the ability to articulate your thoughts easily and clearly are factors which often determine how far ahead you'll get in your chosen profession. They're not the preserve of the educated. You just need to want to learn, no matter your age, past experience or achievements already.

- Presentation skills: for me this goes hand in hand with confidence, self awareness and belief and I honestly feel great joy every time I see a client master their fear of speaking in public and, true story, even start to enjoy!

- Foreign language acquisition: knowing another language is not a sign of intellectual prowess. It is, however, a sign that you're interested in engaging with the world around you. I'm a fan of fast-track, well anything, so if the idea of adding another string to your bow rocks your boat, holler!