When was the last time you had an adventure? Or did something adventurous? 


For me and many others I know, adventure is one of the things that suffuses life with colour.

For some of us it's our stock in trade and what keeps us going. We don't struggle with far-flung or unusual adventures, what we find challenging is winding down, coming 'off' the adventure 'high' and doing the ‘mundane’, everyday, 'being’ things, without the thrill and the adrenaline coursing.

Being still with ourselves can be an adult adventure. Sometimes a scary one at that. One which takes a bit of practice.

But for others I know adventure can be something you crave, something that seems out of reach. Something that's been missing for years, perhaps since childhood. In which case, it may be that you need to actively plan to reconnect with doing extraordinary things; things that involve an element of risk; where success is not a given.

Whatever type of adventure you need at this specific point in your life I can help you kit up for it with confidence and then find great delight in it, whatever the place or pace.