So often in society today passion is synonymous with a romantic relationship. Which is a shame because in reality, while passion can most certainly be experienced and sustained over the long term in great romantic relationships, at its essence it’s about two seemingly ordinary Es which can work powerful wonders in our life: excitement and enthusiasm.

How often do you feel excited about something on the horizon or something you are in the process of doing?

How often do you feel and show great enthusiasm?

What is it that rocks your boat?
Are you doing the same things in your free time that you were doing a decade or four ago and feeling utterly uninspired about them?
Or have you not done anything that you used to love in a long time because you're so busy 'bringing in the bacon', 'keeping up with the Joneses' or doing what's 'expected' of you?


When did you last try something new: a new restaurant, skill, sport?



Whether it’s challenging yourself on your Xbox or going to an opera you adore or have always wanted to see live, passion, aka enthusiasm and excitement are ESSENTIAL, no matter your age, stage or bank balance.