Having an occupation (something that occupies a large percentage of our time, whether paid or unpaid) is essential for us to thrive as humans. Boredom breeds apathy, retreat from the world or a feeling that we are somehow worthless and do not matter.

To be gainfully employed there are 3 things I help my clients focus on: 

- Fulfilment: ultimately it's important that you enjoy what you do. To do this it's essential that we work out who you really are and where your innate strengths, interests and future goals lie.

- Development: staying still is life-sapping. A job that doesn't allow you to progress meaningfully is a job that drains.

- Challenge: maybe you're a leader in your field, maybe you can do your job standing on your head. If so, let me ask you this, do you feel challenged? When was the last time you did? Do you jump out of bed excited to get on with the day's tasks? 

If not, time to power up and realign. 

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