Stylishly you...

For me, style is about understanding and then connecting with your essence, so that you’re able to convey that in how you walk, dress, eat, decorate, entertain, socialise and engage with anyone and everyone, everyday, anywhere.

I’d love you to think of style as your calling card.

Do you wish you had one that was truly distinctive to you?

So many people do but they just don’t know how to get it.

And this is where I can help. Style is as unique and personal as you, so it goes hand in hand with working out who you really are, and wish to be & be seen to be, as you step out: of bed, the boardroom, or onto the dancefloor.

No need for anything flamboyant and over the top (I’ll do that for us both, well sometimes! I can do demure and under the radar too!).

'Just' being yourself.


It’s freeing and it’s a whole lot of fun - truly.
You’re the only one who can ever be you so you may as well enjoy every minute of it, even when it's dark and the rain is falling.

I get great delight out of helping others like you find their style, whether for interiors, attire, eating out or eating in. And then own this unique style confidently; like a delicious scent that wafts as you walk.

Fancy turning heads because you're in tune with who you are and proud to show it?
Let's make it happen.

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